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Candida Diet

 "What can I eat?" is probably THE most asked question I get when I tell someone about the Candida Diet. It isn't exactly the easiest diet in the world, but the the way you will feel after you achieve balance is worth it.

**The foods and recipes listed below are general ideas. Always make sure you pay attention to any foods that you may have allergies, intolorances, or are sensitive to and adjust for your specific needs.  To get tested for specific foods contact me for an appointment.

A Note about Meat: some people find that small quantities of certain organic meat are tolerated. However, most people have over-consumed meat and have large amounts of decaying, undigested meat in their bowels. Not to mention the dangers of over-consuming animal protein in general. The body usually responds very well to stopping eating this heavy, difficult-to-digest food altogether.

Breakfast Choices
Lunch Choices
Dinner Choices

Snack Choices

*When clicking the link to go to the recipe page you wiill need to scroll down the page to find the recipe in that section.

  Breakfast Choices

  • Protein Shake
  • Eggs
  • Toast - Yeast-free breads are available in the freezer section of health food stores. 
  • Oatmeal w/ TB Bragg's LIQUID AMINOS  or sweeten with cinnamon, vegetable glycerin, xylitol, erythritol or stevia.
  • Vegetable omelet with broccoli or veggies of choice; scrambled eggs with onion, red pepper or other veggies of choice
  • Brown rice with onions and carrots
  • Cream of Buckwheat or rice
  • Almond butter on Paleo, Almond or Coconut Bread
  • Basic Buckwheat Pancakes
  • Sesame Pancakes
  • Candida Pancakes
  • Millet Muffins
  • Turkey Sausage

Lunch Choices

  • Fresh green salad with lemon/olive, flax oil dressing, with some seafood, chicken or turkey
  • Chicken or Turkey Rice Vegetable Soup
  • Tortilla Soup
  • Mexican - Layer steamed or roasted veggies of your choice, lettuce, 505 Salsa (doesn't have vinegar) chopped tomato and avocado or guacamole and top with chopped romaine lettuce
  •  Vegetable or miso soup with sea veggies snipped on top with butter
  • Steamed veggies with chicken, sea veggies and quinoa
  • Sandwiches - Use a Coconut Wrap from Julian Bakery, Paleo or Almond bread, or lettuce wrap and fill with ingredients such as nut butter (almond, cashew, pecan, or hazelnut), meat, vegetables, or tuna fish (please see for information on a safe amount of seafood to eat and which choices are better than others.)It's important to eat seafood in moderation.

Dinner Choices

  • Baked, broiled or poached fish or chicken with quinoa or millet with flax oil or olive oil and veggies
  • Spaghetti with spiralized zucchini with a sugarless spaghetti sauce (Pomi brand is sugarless)
  • Baked potatoe with veggies and Bragg’s LIQUID AMINOS or Flax seed or olive oil drizzled on top; or a little kefir or yogurt cheese with herbs, or lemon/oil dressing
  • Omelet with veggie filling
  • Vegetarian pizza made without cheese on a crust made with cauliflower. 
  • Vegetable stir fry with quinoa or brown rice, sea veggies and a miso or light broth soup. 
  • Herb Roasted Chicken
  • Tortilla Soup
  • Rosemary Roast Chicken
  • Simple Garlic Spaghetti 
  • Spicy Garlic Lime Chicken



*Note: After working with many clients who are dealing with yeast, I have noticed that many of them cannot tolerate gluten. It's important to find out if gluten is a problem for you as this will cause inflammation in the gut along with the Candida and it will be more difficult to heal. Many of the above suggestions contain Gluten grains (Wheat, Barley, Rye, Triticale, Kamut, Spelt & Oats can be contaminated w/Gluten as well) so if you are gluten sensitive substitute with a gluten free option like Quinoa, Buckwheat, Teff,  Brown Rice,  Amaranth etc.only if tolerated.






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This information is for educational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose and treat diseases.  If you have any health problems consult a healthcare practitioner before embarking on any course of treatment.